• Heart.Zone LLC

    Russian Federation
    IFA 2019
    • Startup Startup
    Heart.Zone LLC has engineered accurate and reliable continuous electro-cardiogram ECG monitoring technology for earphones. Wearable ECG devices, like watches do not provide continuous heart monitoring Heart.ZoneTM continuous ECG monitoring technology for earphones does not affect audio performance. User can enjoy music, talk on a microphone and record ECG simultaneously. Heart.Zone's continuous ECG monitoring technology is integrated in a micro-module HZEP6.7
  • Niall Moloney

    Contact person of FoodMarble Ltd
    VP Business Development
    Business Unit Manager
    IFA 2019
    Distributors, Retailers, Customers, FoodMarble - The World's First Portable Hydrogen Breath Test device
  • Vlad Savchenko

    Contact person of Heart.Zone LLC
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    IFA 2019
    Earphones OEM, earphones designers and manufacturers ECG micromodule for earphones