• (Rosé-)Goldener Herbst mit Garmin

    Press release of Garmin Deutschland GmbH
    • Hall 4.2 227
    Beim Laufen durch bunt gefärbte Laubwälder oder beim Genießen der letzten warmen Sonnenstunden im Café: Der Spätsommer zaubert einen warmen Schimmer auf den Alltag und die Dinge. Passend dazu sorgt die Trendfarbe Roségold bei Designliebhabern für echte Herbststimmung. Garmin hat daher seine beliebte Hybrid-Smartwatch vívomove HR, die GPS-Laufuhr Forerunner 645 Music und die GPS-Multisport-Smartwatch vívoactive 3 Music mit roségoldenen Akzenten veredelt. Alle Modelle glänzen nicht nur mit einer n…
  • A World First at IFA 2018: devolo Magic merges Mesh-WiFi with Powerline for speeds up to 2,400 Mbps

    Press release of devolo AG
    • Hall 6.2 126
    devolo’s new product line offers more speed, more range and more stability. In short, devolo Magic is the new standard in the area of home networking. To accomplish this, devolo has — for the first time ever — combined today's most powerful WiFi with Powerline technologies. The result is devolo Magic, offering the best Mesh-WiFi convenience while using a new chip generation based on the architecture for the Powerline segment. The new chips make speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps possible and a new …

    • Hall 8.1 112
    According to data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Allergens of mites, fungi, bacteria and viruses are some of the microorganisms present in the spaces we inhabit, increasing the percentage of allergy sufferers around the world. This is why clean air treatment has become increasingly important in the last decade. TSS - High Technology. Simple Operation Airfree Air Purifiers offer a unique and effective technol…
  • Beauty from head to toe: Beurer BodyCare and FaceCare products

    Press release of Beurer GmbH
    • Hall 4.1 212
    If you're looking for a radiant complexion, smooth skin and toned curves, Beurer's professional products provide you with your own beauty salon at home: the FC 49 facial brush, the FC 55 Pureo Complete Cleansing powered body brush, and the cellulite releaZer. The Ulm-based company will be showcasing these and other beauty innovations at its stand at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing in Berlin on 11 and 12 July. FC 49 – the facial brush for a radiant complexion The FC 49 facial brush is suitab…
  • beyerdynamic präsentiert auf der IFA 2018 die flachsten In-Ear-Kopfhörer der neuesten Generation: Beat BYRD und Soul BYRD mit Kabel sowie Blue BYRD mit Bluetooth® und MOSAYC Klang-Personalisierung

    Press release of Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG
    • Hall 1.2 213
    Heilbronn, 30.08.2018 – Wo immer „Bird“ ins Spiel kommt, schwingen Leichtigkeit und Lebendigkeit mit. Vom Jazz-Virtuosen Charlie „Bird“ Parker bis hin zu „Frei sein wie ein Vogel“. Das alles und mehr steckt in diesem Wort. So spiegelt auch der Name „BYRD“ die vielen Facetten der neuen In-Ear-Kopfhörer-Serie von beyerdynamic wider: stilvoll und langlebig. Kraftvoll und harmonisch. Leicht und komfortabel. Eben für alle, die absolute Freiheit und perfekten Musikgenuss lieben. Die Gehäuse der BYRD S…
  • Body and mind in balance: Give stress the red card with the Beurer stress releaZer

    Press release of Beurer GmbH
    • Hall 4.1 212
    Long-term stress is on the rise due to the constant pressure to perform, the need to be reachable at all times, and overworking. As a result, the number of sick days taken due to mental ill health has almost tripled since the mid-1990s. In order to take a more relaxed approach to the hectic pace of everyday life, it is crucial to recharge your mind as well as your body. One way of reducing stress is to perform conscious breathing exercises. At the IFA Innovations Media Briefing on 11-12 July in …
  • CASIO to Release PRO TREK Smart Outdoor Watch as special edition in Indigo Blue Color Scheme

    Press release of Casio Europe GmbH
    • Hall 4.2 201
     Norderstedt, April 17, 2018 — CASIO announced today a new addition to the PRO TREK Smart series of wrist devices for outdoor enthusiasts. The WSD-F20A features an indigo blue color scheme designed for active living.   With the WSD-F20 as its base model, the WSD-F20A features an indigo blue body color that matches a variety of looks including jeans. The color scheme is designed to appeal to people who are active both at and away from work. The WSD-F20A achieves an affordable price with details s…
  • Connectivity in the home: What’s to come and what’s here to stay.

    Press release of Siemens Hausgeräte
    • Hall 1.1 101
    The Connected World on the Siemens Home Appliances exhibition stand at IFA will provide an overview of the status of connectivity in and around the home. With the aid of exemplary use cases, the brand allows users to experience the possibilities offered by connected home appliances – far beyond their own four walls, thus also opening a window to what’s coming in the near future. Siemens Home Appliances is pursuing a clear objective with its range of connected products and services: The brand …
  • Dare To Venture and capture every journey with the NEW Kitvision Action Camera Range

    Press release of Kondor Ltd.
    • Hall 1.2 201
    ‘To venture is to dare; to live, discover and collect experiences – capture your journey with Kitvision.’    Kitvision are calling all sports enthusiasts, intrepid travellers and family adventurers to discover their all new Venture Action Camera range.     Discover bold new design, soft touch detail and enhanced performance that dares to push you even further than before; you are invited to record life without distraction and capture the journey whilst you live it.   Introducing the small but mi…
  • Die einzige Alternative im wachsenden Segment der Akku Hand- und Stielstaubsauger ist das Topmodell Starky HSA 800 XL Q

    • Hall 4.1 207
    Vaihingen, August 2018 – Zum Weihnachtsgeschäft geht Fakir im wichtigen Zukunftssegment der stark wachsenden Akku- Handstielsauger in die Offensive. „Mit gleich  zwei Premium Geräten und einem Trendgerät unterschiedlicher Leistung und Ausstattungsstufen geht Fakir in die Produktoffensive und setzt weitere Wachstumsimpulse für unser rasch wachsendes Geschäftsfeld Bodenpflege“ freut sich Holger Terstiege, Geschäftsführer Fakir Hausgeräte GmbH. Ab August platziert Fakir das neue Topmodell der Premi…
  • Eco-friendly accessories and new electronic items

    Press release of KMP AG
    • Hall 4.2 107
    PROTECTIVE BOOKCASE. for the brandnew iPhones 5,8“, 6,1“, 6,5“ Part of KMP’s eco-friendly ‚green up’ line The bio-based leather that KMP uses for its Protective BookCase is made of natural and renewable raw materials. Eucalyptus-based plasticizers make the case feel as pleasant to the touch as genuine leather. To better protect the display, a magnetic closure guarantees that the cover and case fit perfectly on top of each other. It also prevents the cover from slipping when it is folded around …
  • Eiger Protection Are Looking for Distributors and Retailers!

    Press release of Eiger Protection
    • Hall 4.2 100
    Eiger Protection are looking for wholesalers, distributors or retailer businesses interesting in selling Eiger and taking advantage of a growing accessories market -  the UK market alone is currently worth £246.6 million*. Become an Eiger reseller and enable your business to take advantage of access to the latest, premium, high-quality Eiger Protection mobile accessories within a growing accessories market. Eiger Protection is constantly working on expanding their range to meet customer needs a…