SARL Bomare Company


26, rue Mohamed Idir Amellal, El Biar Alger
16406 Algiers

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  • IFA 2019
  • IFA Global Markets (08 - 11 Sep)
  • STATION-Berlin S1 103
  • 08 - 11 September 2019 08 - 11 September 2019
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Exhibitor profile

Design the future

BOMARE COMPANY is the Algerian leader electronic home appliances manufacturer and also the first exporter of electronic products to the european market,
BOMARE COMPANY have 4 production units with 2 SMT lines of the latest generation "Fusion" and 2 clean rooms, and certified ISO 9001 V 2015
BOMARE COMPANY employs more than 600 employees with 40% of engeneer and technician,
Since 2013, BOMARE COMPANY manufacture TVs and smartphones for its partner LG electronics for the Algerian market,
Through its several investments and partnerships, Bomare’s turnover increase from 4.5 Billion dinars in 2015 to 6.3 Billion dinars in 2016 and 7.4 Billion dinars in 2017, our goal in 2018 is to reach a turnover of 10 Billion dinars.
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Further Company Details

References (Customers/Partners) E. Leclerc
Certifications UE/ EUR1/ RoHS/ ISO 9001 _2015
Monthly capacity 1,5 million unit

Export regions

  • Africa

    Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia

  • Europe

    Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain