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Back pain all too familiar? Improve your posture with the PC 100 smart clip

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One in every two working professionals spends their working day in front of a computer. It’s no wonder then that almost one in three adults suffers from back pain. Often, it is sitting in a static position for too long that is the cause. Beurer is attempting to combat these back problems and, together with start-up company 8sense from Rosenheim, has brought the smart PC 100 PostureControl device to market. The clip – which comes with an app – will be presented at this year’s IFA.

The PC 100 PostureControl is attached unobtrusively to the back of the neck area, centred on the collar of the clothing, and can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth®. The innovative clip automatically records micro-movements, periods of being upright, changes in position and active breaks using body scanning. The sensor emits a gentle vibration if you stay sitting in the same position for too long; this vibration prompts the user to change their sitting position. The data can be retrieved and assessed using the free "8sense" app.

A posture coach for a healthier back
The posture control helps the user to consciously work on their everyday habits. It supports a dynamic manner of sitting, e.g. with frequent changes of position. One-sided strain of the muscles is therefore prevented and it helps you to be more aware of your own body. The PC 100 PostureControl motivates you to achieve individual activity goals and to move more, in your lunch break for example.

In future, the app will feature a training module with a variety of exercises to do at home or at work. There will be short videos that provide instructions and enable the user to learn interesting facts about their back health. There will be a community area, designed to encourage the user to train more and to stay more active throughout the day. And the module will feature tips about how to promote back health – as an additional plus factor. In this way, it will be easy to identify bad sitting habits and to improve one’s back health for the long term.

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