• Edouard Fleuriau-Chateau

    IFA Networker von OneChocolate
    Managing Director
    Direktor, Marketing und Kommunikation
    B2B and B2C high-tech looking for high quality PR and digital support in France and other countries through our partner, Allison & Partners. I will be happy to present our PR and digital services in person, our experience with companies in your sector (Beats By Dre, Monster, Lenco, Kaspersky, Belkin, Reichelt...) and why we are known for the extreme quality of our client support.
  • Carsten Sydow

    IFA Networker von Spirit Parcs
    Economist Journalist Speaker Networker
    Marketing und Kommunikation, Presseansprechpartner
    Interessante Gesprächspartner, Entscheider und Interviewpartner. Radio, Audio & Web.