• Chief Executive Director Jongkap Kim

    Chief Executive Director
    Innovative technology driven Global companies which is looking for disruptive young technology start-up.
  • Josephine Oh

    Networker von AMADAS Smart Door Lock
    Managing Director
    AMADAS is currently looking for great business partners to successfully launch its products in the world. AMADAS can enter a business partnership for sales & ODM with various industries including Telco, builders, IT solutions, security & monitoring service providers, etc.
  • OZEN, the Vacuum Blender

    Produkt von HANSSEM Co., Ltd.
    IFA 2017
    1)  Benefits of Vacuum blender      -  Anti-oxidation: under vacuum condition, fruits and vegetables juice or smoothies are         being protected and keep the nutrition like vitamin, mineral, phytochemical and so on.      -  Test result shows 2.6 times more in polyphenol, 4 times more in vitamin      -  Soft and smooth texture of drinking with great flavor      -  Whole fruits and vegetables juice with dietary fiber 2)  Key Features      -  Auto vacuum system with one click      -  Triple saf…