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  • Smartwares Europe

    • IFA 2019
    • Halle 9 215
    Smartwares Group: A leading player in smart Safety, Lighting & Home Appliances with offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Lebanon, Turkey, Hong Kong and China. Smartwares Group offers you convenience at home with a wide variety of electronic appliances in and around the house. Smart appliances that add convenience and joy to every day living, appliances that make you feel at home and safe. We offer the following brands: Tristar, Princess, Campa…
  • Sales coordinator Nick Van De Vossenberg

    IFA Networker
    Export sales coordinator
    Looking to meet European and International Distributors of Electronic household appliances Bestron offers you strong, powerful and good quality household appliances. The latest technology combineren with trendy designs. Products that meets the requirements for your country, Fulfill Every expectations for end-users and consumers, with a 5 year!! Warranty. We will offer Our partners Full commitment, loyalty and cooperation for building a strong, Healthy long-term relationship together. Growin…