• Aaron Ju

    Ansprechpartner von BROS&COMPANY INC.
    Overseas Sales Manager
    Marketing und Kommunikation, Vertrieb/Sales
    • IFA Global Markets (08. - 11. Sept.)
    • STATION-Berlin S1 127
    Distributor and chain stores who can bring the desk-terior brand, POUT, to its' own region and introduce to the market. The exclusivity with promised numbers.
  • THEHAGEE Co. Ltd.

    Korea, Republik
    • IFA Global Markets (08. - 11. Sept.)
    • STATION-Berlin S1 123
    • 08. - 11. September 2019 08. - 11. September 2019
    GOBUKEE is a well-known brand in Korea and now expand its business to worldwide. GOBUKEE is manufacturing various mobile accessories such as screen protectors, cases, fast charger and card holder. Its lineup is below. 1. Screen protectors - The most toughness tempered glass and Self Healing TPU film 2. Cases - Crystal clear tempered glass case and GO-FLEX ARMOR silicon case in various colors 3. Fast charger - 15w fast charger 4. Card holder - all in one card holder, Pocketin