• Erik Ackner

    IFA Networker von Mercku
    Director of Growth
    Bereichsleiter, Vertrieb/Sales
    Internet Service Providers, Telcos, Distributors, Installation channels (e.g. security systems), retailers
  • Sohaib Alhasan

    IFA Networker von Vorwärts GmbH
    International Sales Manager
    Direktor, Projektleiter, Vertrieb/Sales
  • Petra Babakova

    IFA Networker
    Sales manager
    We are searching for distributors of our products.
  • Sales Director Rainy Chou

    IFA Networker von Ningbo Lux Universe Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
    Sales Director
    Bereichsleiter, Geschäftsführer, Vertrieb/Sales
    Makeup mirrors, Parts and accessories for electric appliances LED bathroom Mirrors, LED cabinet lights, Aroma Diffuses
  • mag Igor Pečnik

    IFA Networker von Podkriznik d.o.o.
    Das Produktionsprogramm von Podkrižnik d.o.o. umfasst drei Hauptgruppen von Produkten: Antriebsstränge, spezielle Metallteile und komplexe Bauteile. Wir bewältigen folgende Technologien: Schlichten, Drehen, Fräsen, Rändeln, Schleifen, Spritzguss, Härten, Walzen, Biegen, Nieten, Labor- und Messausrüstung.
  • Emmanuel Remy

    IFA Networker von HAVR
    Vice President, Sales
    Customers, Value Added Resellers, Partners (technology, installation & maintenance services, etc.) The first and only LiFi enabled smart lock available out there. Easy to implement and maintain, reasonably priced, safe and fun!
  • Gustaf Ryding

    IFA Networker von Retention Masters Europe AB
    CEO & Founder
    Brands, distributors and retailers that wants to scale in digital consumer experience. We want to talk to directors in marketing and purchasing to form layout of offering to consumers. After sales are in 2nd step. • The Digital Guarantee service 1.0 stored online, as default for consumer electronics and home appliances. The digital guarantee Service 2.0 that is a new revenue model for the industry • The service means stronger consumer experiences at lower costs and loyalty overview on al…
  • Alessandra Silva Philipp

    IFA Networker von Sales Cloud GmbH
    Company Sales Consultant
    Berater, Projektmanager, Vertrieb/Sales
    Die Sales Cloud ist mit ihrem 27-köpfigen Team aus Growth und Sales-Experten auf den Vertriebsaufbau zur effizienten Marktdurchdringung in Deutschland spezialisiert - für digitale B2B Produkte. Wir arbeiten mit Partnern wie IS24, SumUp oder quantilope zusammen. Bei einem spanischen Telekommunikations-Unternehmen unterstützen wir beim Markteintritt eines BigData Produkts im Bereich Mobility. Sales Unit Building; Sales Unit Optimization; CRM-Beratung, Lead-Management-Beratung, sales coaching,…
  • Sales director Jeroen Staphorst

    IFA Networker von iotty
    Sales director
    We are presented directly and via full-service distributors in the US, Canada and Mexico and we cover almost all European countries. For all other countries, we are interested in new distributors iotty offers an outstanding product, with European quality and an Italian design. The 2 owners of iotty many years experiences and high skills in the development of electronics and software, so everything is developped, managed and controlled by iotty. We have a good vision of new needed products.
  • Eugene van Nieulande

    IFA Networker von Wireless Power Consortium
    Director Business Development
    The Wireless power Consortium (WPC) is searching for new tier 1 partners. We just reached a milestone by launching the Ki Cordless Kitchen standard for kitchen appliances. Our first eco-system launch is expected in 2021! The WPC would like to discuss with you a possible partnership/membership which would be for your company an incredible incentive for the future. The expectation is that Ki Cordless Kitchen appliances will be soon commercialized. As a member you will have influences in the futur…