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  • Head of Business Development Sascha Keller

    IFA Networker von ARNO GmbH
    Head of Business Development
    Marketing und Kommunikation
    People who are interested to discuss the future of stationary retail and the impact of digitalisation on it. After Human Mankind learned to talk, write and print this will be the biggest master chance of our society. Master Class in Retail and POSM Design Production and Roll-Out globally
  • Thomas Rudolph

    IFA Networker
  • Sales director Jeroen Staphorst

    IFA Networker von iotty
    Sales director
    We are presented directly and via full-service distributors in the US, Canada and Mexico and we cover almost all European countries. For all other countries, we are interested in new distributors iotty offers an outstanding product, with European quality and an Italian design. The 2 owners of iotty many years experiences and high skills in the development of electronics and software, so everything is developped, managed and controlled by iotty. We have a good vision of new needed products.