• Ruth Bridger

    IFA Networker von Alango Technologies, Ltd. - Wear & Hear Assistive Hearing Products
    Marketing Director of Assistive Products
    I am looking for partners and companies interested in introducing, promoting and/or selling our new line of assistive hearing products. We are offering a brand new line of assistive hearing products, comprised of disruptive solutions that address the abysmal state of hearing health worldwide. These products improve hearing individually for each user in various situations, and are integrated into fashionable, versatile, affordable Bluetooth stereo headsets.
  • Pedro Brito

    IFA Networker von Tregren
    Head of Sales
  • Marcin Cendrowicz

    IFA Networker von POPSOCKETS EMEA Oy
    AREA Sales Director, CEE
  • Jarkko Kankaanpää

    IFA Networker von Finnsat Oy
    Looking for distributors to Smart home products in Nordics and Baltics
    Geschäftsführer, Marketing und Kommunikation, Vertrieb/Sales
    Looking for distributors to Smart home products in Nordics (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) and Baltics (Estonian, Latvia, Lithuania) Smart Home, Mobile routers, Set Top Boxes DVB-T2 + Android, Digital Signage Are you searching for a new smart home brand with a great line up, easy to use & easy to sell products, stock in Europe, great co-operation conditions and a future ready mindset?
  • ahmad maklad

    IFA Networker von alanwar makalda ltd
  • Jens Boye Nielsen

    IFA Networker von Solar A/S
    Product Manager, Group Commercial
    Produktmanager, Projektleiter
  • Maya Peled

    IFA Networker von Aura smart air
  • Jennifer Werthwein

    IFA Networker von YOUTILIGENT
    International Business Development Manager
    Wir suchen B2B-Unternehmen, die die Art und Weise ändern möchten, wie Anbieter und Verbraucher miteinander verbunden sind. Aus diesem Grund liefern wir genaue Erkenntnisse für die Verbraucher, die auf den tatsächlichen Verbrauchsdaten basieren, die direkt mit den Geräten vor Ort verbunden sind. Die einzigartige Technologie von Youtiligent macht unwissende nicht verbundene Geräte intelligent, indem sie Stromverbrauchsmuster in geschäftliche Erkenntnisse in Echtzeit umwandelt, ohne dass die Hardw…