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    The ocean covers nearly 70% of the Earth, yet, 95% of it remains a mystery. We believes that curiosity is the road of greatness. Power the people, we build the world’s first underwater expedition platform which enables anyone with a love for ocean to explore the deep sea from anywhere any time. As simple as ABC. Purchasing a ticket, you are granted access to our platform where you can control or follow realtime ocean expeditions. For more information:
  • Mikael Kanervo

    IFA Networker von Brightstar
    Business Manager
    Bereichsleiter, Produktmanager, Vertrieb/Sales
  • Markku Nieminen

    IFA Networker von Miro Oy
    Managing Director
    We are looking for service agreements with product owners and vendors. We offer professional central service operation together with over 50 local service providers all over the Finland.
  • Loi Tran

    Ansprechpartner von Aalto Industries Oy Ltd.
    Finance & Marketing Lead
    Business Partners & Media featuring our radical innovation on Ocean Expedition solution! Partnership & Cooperation Startup Story & Press material Crowdfunding Campaign