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  • AirSelfie North America

    Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
    CE Week (12. - 13. Juni)
    AirSelfie is a tech company that operates in the photography sector and realizes aerial cameras that enhance the photography experience of its users. The company's unique vision has developed a tech&lifestyle brand new market category that never existed before: the one of the personal aerial digital cameras. The original inspiration came from the real need of smartphone users of having the possibility of taking photos in brand new ways, as the aerial photos are an evolutionary step in shooting.
  • Tomas Laul

    IFA Networker
  • Customer Success Manager Arto Salo

    IFA Networker von Testilabs Oy
    Customer Success Manager
    Marketing und Kommunikation
    Accredited testing for CE/FCC/ISED & country-specific approvals for wireless device manufacturers. R&D measurements to support product development in various industries.