• Mihai Luca

    IFA Networker von Future Decoded
    Managing Partner
    Smartphone manufacturers, Telecom operators, smartphone retailers and Buyback traders. We have an advance platform for smartphone, that support OEM to increase the smartphone production efficiency. We also support Telco and Retailers to secure their margins, by choosing the most reliable smartphone and the most popular accessories. We offer advance analytics, Remote Diagnostic and a smartphone Buyback platform.
  • Skyroam GmbH

    IFA 2019
    • Startup Startup
    Skyroam is a fast-growing venture-funded company at the intersection of technology, telecom, and travel. Skyroam delivers fast, secure mobile WiFi in over 130 countries worldwide via patented virtual SIM™ technology – no hidden fees, no SIM card swapping, and no surprise data charges on your mobile bill. The company is continuing its global expansion with offices in San Francisco, Berlin and Shenzhen and global distribution through Ecommerce channels and over 500 retail locations.
  • Uwe Tessmer

    IFA Networker von BA Neukölln
  • Marc Tort y Bielefeld

    IFA Networker von
    Gründer von
    Marketing und Kommunikation
    Potentielle Kunden. Brauchen Sie neue Medien für Facebook, YouTube & co? Dann bin ich Ihr Spatz! Imagefilme, Produktvideos und andere Dienstleistung rund um die Bereiche Filmproduktion und Videomarketing.