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  • iotty Srl

    IFA 2019
    iotty ist ein italienisches Unternehmen, dass formschöne und benutzerfreundliche Smart-Home-Produkte entwickelt. Als italienisches Unternehmen liegt es in der DNA von iotty, Produkte mit dem schönsten Design und größten Liebe zum Detail zu entwickeln. Dies, in Kombination mit innovativer und benutzerfreundlicher Technologie, europäischer Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit und unter strikter Einhaltung der Privatsphäre unserer Kunden, macht iotty weltweit einzigartig.
  • Eng. Pedro Campos

    IFA Networker von Flama, SA
  • Libor Zajicek

    IFA Networker von RRD
    Business Development Manager EMEA
    Bereichsleiter, Projektleiter, Vertrieb/Sales
    We will help optimize the supply chain RRD provides and optimizes supply chains to clients who need to reach the next stage of expansion or want to find hidden profits. We are looking for a client, who need to simplify and speed up the product's journey to the market. They want to keep the entire chain under control, save costs, increase cash flow and continue to innovate their product. They want to rely on a single partner to take over all processes and service, increase added value, do n…
  • Sales director Jeroen Staphorst

    IFA Networker von iotty
    Sales director
    We are presented directly and via full-service distributors in the US, Canada and Mexico and we cover almost all European countries. For all other countries, we are interested in new distributors iotty offers an outstanding product, with European quality and an Italian design. The 2 owners of iotty many years experiences and high skills in the development of electronics and software, so everything is developped, managed and controlled by iotty. We have a good vision of new needed products.