Tube Smart Luftreiniger

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IFA 2019

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5406 TE Uden

IFA 2019

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Tube: The smart air purifier that breathes clean air

Powerful and connected
Elegance and performance come together in Tube, the smart air purifier with a stunning capacity of 550m3 per hour CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). Tube is suitable for spaces up to 75m2 and ensures optimal removal efficiency thanks to its triple-layer protection, including Pre, HEPA and Activated Carbon filter. Tube effortlessly cleans the air in an entire room in just 20 minutes. And with the new DUUX app, Tube can be operated anytime, anywhere.

Powerful and connected
Appearance matters. That’s why Tube is not only extremely powerful, but also an eye-catcher in any room. Its capacity of 650 m3 per hour Clean Air Delivery Rate enables it to clean the air in a room of up to 100 m2 in just 20 minutes. The DUUX app ensures easy operation – or simply use the buttons.

Designed for elegance
Tube is more than just a smart air purifier. Its elegant design – characterized by a matt finish, organic round shape and the clever leather detail on the air outlet – make Tube the perfect addition to any room. And no need to worry about noise: its powerful brushless DC motor is as quiet as can be.

Built to perform
Clean air is vital for your health. Good thing that Tube is so powerful it removes 99.97% of all airborne particles and pollutants in a room. Moreover, you can accelerate its efficiency by activating the built-in ionizer that spreads negative ions to capture even the smallest dust particles.

Looking after your health
Thanks to its PM2.5 sensor, Tube turns on automatically when the air quality is poor. It has 3 speeds and a 1 to 8-hour timer mode, shutting down automatically according to your wishes. Its ionizer can be operated separately, and the filter lifespan indicator alerts you when the filter needs replacing.

Convenient controls
You decide how you want to operate Tube: using the DUUX App with its visual interface, or the integrated buttons on the top ring. The high-resolution LCD screen shows all values of the air, including particle matter (PM2.5), temperature and humidity. So you’re always on top of your indoor air quality.

• Dimensions – 32 x 32 x 68 cm
• Weight – 7.8kg
• Power consumption – 10-55w
• Noise level – …-64 dBa
• CADR – 550m³/hr
• Effective area – up to 75m2 (based on 3 ACH)
• Removal efficiency – up to 99,97%
• Pre-, HEPA and active carbon filter
• HEPA class H13
• 3 speed settings
• Auto mode
• 1, 2, 4 and 8 hour timer modes
• Filter replacement indicator
• LED display
• Air quality indication (µg/m³)
• Humidity and temperature sensor
• PM2.5 sensor
• Including free DUUX app (available in App store and Google Play store)

Separately available

• Replacement HEPA + Activated carbon filter