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The Creative Life

TCL Corporation was founded in 1981.  Over the three decades, TCL has grown from a small joint venture producing audio tapes in Huizhou into a global corporation engaged in a wide range of businesses such as telephone, TV, mobile phone, refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioner, smart health appliances and LCD panels which is a globalized manufacturer of smart products and provider of Internet application services. TCL is one of China's largest consumer electronics,employing over 75,000 people on more than 80 cities,including 23 R & D centers and 21 manufacturing facilities, with a global presence in more than 160 countries and regions in the world. Today, TCL is one of the few global enterprises simultaneously engaged in multimedia,mobile communications and 8.5 generation LCD panels. In 2015, the TCL Group achieved a turnover of more than 16 billion dollars and sold more than 17 million television sets and more than 80 million mobile phones around the world. The company rose to 3rd in the world LCD TV market and 5th in the world mobile phone market. The group owes its growth to its vertical integration strategy, the competitiveness of its product offering and its ability to innovate. In order to make innovation accessible to consumers,TCL has invested in advanced manufacturing capabilities. The group gradually completed its vertical integration process by opening a large LED module manufacturing plant in Huizhou (China) in 2009 and by investing nearly 5 billion dollars in a generation 8.5 screen factory in Shenzhen (CSOT) in 2011. With this new latest generation production center, TCL now controls the entire value chain. In 2015, TCL opened a second Generation 8.5 factory, nearly doubling its production capacity.In addition to ensuring seamless integration of the screens, from the design to the manufacture of its TV ranges, TCL is also enhancing its ability to meet the growing demands of its customers. Technological innovation is the quintessential element that helps retain TCL’s competitiveness. The Corporation’s investment in R&D has always been growing. As a result, TCL ranks the 3rd among all Chinese companies in terms of the number of PCT patent application. TCL’s mission is to develop ever more innovative products focused on the needs of the user, incorporating "product + service" Internet and smart technologies. The slogan "TCL, The Creative Life" embodies the group vision to create one of the most innovative companies in consumer electronics.
TCL business scope consist of seven parts of production including TCL Multimedia, TCL Communication, China Star Optoelectronics, TCL Home Appliance Group, Tonly Electronics, Commercial System and Components & Materials and three parts of service including Internet Applications, Sales and Logistics /O2O and  Financial Services BU and one part for Investment and Venture.
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