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The supreme 2-in-1 indoor climate controller

Air purifying and humidifying all rolled into one
Motion improves your indoor climate. The air washer combines air purification and humidification to increase humidity and remove airborne particles. With all the features you need, including a 4-liter water reservoir, washable disc filters, active carbon filter and adjustable hygrostat that offers 40-70% RH. To top it off, Motion has an operating area of up to 40m², convenient touch controls, a LED matrix display and whisper quiet operation.

Air purifying and humidifying all rolled into one
Motion cleans and humidifies the air at the same time. With its many features, Motion effectively improves your indoor climate by increasing humidity and removing airborne particles. It offers a large, 4-liter water tank, operating area of up to 50 m2, LED matrix display and convenient touch controls.

A winning design to match any room
With a Red Dot Design Award in its pocket, it’s no surprise Motion matches any room or interior. The air purifier is conveniently compact, has practical grips that allow you to move it anywhere you want, and features a high-glossy coating.

Maximum performance, minimal consumption
Motion offers maximum performance with minimal energy consumption. It keeps your home healthy thanks to its 250ml mist output per hour and operates up to 12 hours without refilling the tank. Unwanted odors? The carbon filter extracts them, while the disc filters capture dust particles and pollen.

All the versatility you need
Operating Motion is as easy as traveling in autopilot. It has an adjustable hygrostat for self-regulating humidification and a separate night mode for a good night's rest. Have you fallen asleep thanks to the whisper quiet operation? Motion comes with automatic shutdown via timer or when the reservoir runs out of water.

Elegant touch controls
Motion’s alphanumeric matrix display offers all the information you could wish for in an air washer, including the most up-to-date humidity level and device status. Want to change the mist output, turn on night mode or adjust one of the other settings? Simply press one of the touch icons.

• Dimensions – 38 x 21,5 x 39,1 cm
• Weight – 5.8kg
• Power consumption – 15W
• Noise level - <32dBA
• Water tank capacity – 4L
• Mist output – 250ml/h
• Hygrostat range – 40-70%
• Effective area – 40m²
• Max. operation time – 12h
• LED matrix display
• Touch control panel
• Activated carbon filter
• Disc filtration through water
• Night mode
• Timer modes – 1-12h
• Dry run protection