Cecotec Innovaciones S.L.


Calle de la Pinadeta s/n
46930 Valencia

IFA 2019

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Everybody Tech

Ultra-powerful robots that operate just like a person, without the person. Electric scooters that redefine the way we move. Megautomatic coffee machines that know all the subtleties of your perfect coffee. Vacuum cleaners that reach every single corner in just one go. Kitchen robots that transform a rookie cook into an extraordinary chef... Innovation can’t be a luxury and at Cecotec we strive to make this possible.

Cecotec is a Valencian company with a clear objective. To improve serviceability and comfort at home, introducing smart and innovative products with exclusive designs at the best prices. We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of small household appliances and other products that count with cutting-edge technologies to enrich the quality of people’s lives.

One of our main objectives is to offer unique products. We strive hard to cover client demand, providing technological solutions that keep up with the latest advances and make a difference at the highest quality standards. We carefully study every design incorporating the latest advances in technology to ease peoples day-to-day. Our designs are a clear bid towards leading-edge technology, which our Conga 6090 AI smart vacuum robot, our Mambo 10090 multifunction kitchen robot and our programmable Olla GM H Deluxe cooking pot show clear proof of.

At Cecotec, we offer our clients over 500 products, with the added value of having just one single supplier for household appliances. We pay attention to the smallest of details and believe it’s possible to reach all households with the latest technology at an honest price. (Real Honest Pricing) We have added a variety of private labels to offer the best possible features in all of our product lines: Conga, Mambo, Cumbia Bamba, Ollas GM, Cecofry, Cecomix, Fit and Recolax.

At Cecotec we count with design and R+D departments, formed by engineers and marketing specialists who strive hard to offer our clients the best possible solutions. A multi-disciplined team divided in fields such as engineering, quality control, marketing, market analysis, graphic design and artists or translators.

Our commitment towards quality forces us to globally extend our supply chain, spreading our supplier network throughout the whole world, with the objective to continue growth and open up new borders to daily satisfy an increasing number of households.

We can finally say… “Everybody Tech”.
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