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Calle de la Pinadeta s/n
46930 Valencia

IFA 2019

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Weiterempfehlen von Bamba IoniCare 6000 Rockstar Fire

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The new IoniCare 6000 RockStar hair dryers, provide amazing results almost effortlessly in the least amount of time. Its digital motor optimizes the motor’s power and reduces drying time, allowing a lighter and more silent operation. Equipped with ExtremProtect function and a real Ion generator.
  • Mega-automatic coffee machine with a Plug&Play system that allows preparing all types of hot drinks automatically with the press of a button.
  • Enjoy a great variety hot drinks: Espresso, ristretto, lungo, doppio, americano, latte, flat white, latte machiatto, cortado, hot milk, cappuccino, cappuccino mix, macchiato, inverted macchiato and hot water to brew a wide range of different teas.
  • Custom-coffee system that allows you to customize the intensity, temperature, pressure, quantity of coffee, milk, cream, froth and even the order in which these are poured into the cup, to obtain your favourite cup of coffee.
  • Enjoy your favourite coffee every day with just a touch. The Matic-Ccino is capable of memorizing your favourite coffees and show them on the display with your name. Capable of storing up to 10 different user profiles at a time.
  • Includes an integrated recipe book that guides you step by step to create the most famous and original coffees.
  • Its fast-heating Thermoblock system ensures that temperature will remain within the optimum range in order to obtain the best coffee.
  • Powerful pressure pump with 20-bar ForceAroma technology that achieves the best froth and maximum taste.
  • AllCappuccino system, prepares lattes and cappuccinos by adding automatically the exact amount of coffee and milk or froth directly to the cup.
  • AlwaysClean system with individual circuit cleaning makes sure your coffee machine is always clean and ready for use.
  • User friendly, easy to use thanks to its new digital display and touch control panel, highly intuitive.